How to Backup a Windows Phone and Restore it on New Phone


How to Use iPhone as a Remote for Apple TelevisionHow to Use iPhone as a Remote for Apple Television How to Backup a Windows Phone and Restore it on New Phone: There are many ways in which you need to change your Smartphone, Some of them are unexpected and some of them are intentional, You should have a plan for both kinds of situations, As it is said, there should be a backup plan for every situation in life, You should also have a backup plan for your smartphones, As an accident with your phone doesn’t ask before it strikes.

So This post is regarding backup, How can you back up your Windows phone and restore it on another Windows phone, Backup can also be used if you want to hard reset your phone and restart it from a new beginning just like brand new out of the box.

First I will cover How to Make a Backup Of Windows phone, Then I will tell you how to restore that backup on a new phone. It’s a very easy process.

Keep in mind this guide is for the phones on Windows 8.1, If you have windows 8 then the icons might change other steps and procedure is all same.

You can choose what data you want to include on your Backup, You can Backup your apps settings, text messages, pictures, and videos.

How to Backup a Windows Phone
How to Backup a Windows Phone

How to Make a Backup of Windows phone

You can choose how your phone backs up your apps, settings, text messages and photos and videos.

First, go to Settings then Backup:

Apps and Settings

One of the main problems that arise is that you lose all your setting and all your accounts and apps, If you are making a change from Old windows phone to a newer one, And you intend to take all your settings with you, that is possible and very easy, You can make a backup so that this transition is easy for you. Backup Includes:

  • The apps and games along with high scores and progress in those games.
  • Your account and their saved passwords.
  • Call history.
  • Contacts
  • Start screen layout and theme color.
  • Internet browser favorites.
  • Custom words saved by you to your phone’s dictionary.
  • Settings of different applications like photos, messaging, email and accounts, lock screen and Speech settings.
  • To create a Backup
  • Go to Settings > Backup > Apps + settings, then turn on Settings backup and tap Back up now.
  • After three weeks without a recent backup, your phone will ask you to create a new one.

To turn on apps and settings backup

  1. In the app list, Select Settings > Backup.
  2. Tap Apps + settings.
  3. To back up your settings, turn on Settings backup
  4. To back up your apps, make sure Settings backup is turned on, and then turn on App backup.

Text messages

You can also make a backup of your SMS and MMS messages to the cloud. And then you can restore them on your new Windows phone. When you delete your messages from your phone, they will be deleted from the cloud as well, As long as the Auto Sync is on.

Turn on text message backup

  1. Go to Settings > Backup.
  2. Tap Text messages, then turn Text message backup on or off.

Note that if you will turn off the Backup, It won’t delete previously saved SMS and MMS messages.

Also that if you want to delete messages from Cloud as well, You first need to turn on the cloud backup then delete it from your phone, now the messages will be gone from Cloud as well.

Photos and videos

Windows phone gives you the option to automatically upload your photos and videos to the OneDrive and then you can access from your computer as well or every device that is connected to that Onedrive account.

Auto Upload Pictures and Videos
  • Go to Settings > Backup.
  • Select Photos + videos, and choose one of the following for the quality of your photos and videos:
  • Select don’t upload if you do not want to automatically upload.
  • Tap Good quality For less resolution and it uses less space on One Drive, You can’t use this option for videos in Windows 8.1
  • Tap Best quality For Highest possible resolution of videos and pictures.

For Best-quality photos and videos upload you will have to have a Wi-Fi connection.

How to delete backups from Windows Phone

Go to Settings  Backup.

  • Tap Apps + settings, tap Manage backups (In windows 8 you have to go to Advanced Settings, then do one of the following:

To delete your entire backup, tick the Settings backup checkbox and tap Delete.

And if you want to delete your application data, un-tick the Settings backup checkbox, tick the App backup checkbox and tap Delete.


Deleting backups from your phone will only delete backups from the phone, If you want to delete the backups permanently from OneDrive, Login onto your OneDrive cloud, And then go to  Settings > Options > Device settings. There you can see all of your backups and can delete any one of them you want.

How to Restore Backup on your Windows Phone

If you lose your windows phone but you had turned on auto upload you can still restore all of your contacts, apps, settings, pictures, and videos. there is another possibility that if you choose to change your phone and you want your old settings If you had an Onedrive account on your previous phone, you will have all the things backed up on your cloud.

After backup your emails and social network account settings. Along with contacts and calendar appointments associated with your accounts, all will be restored to your new phone.

Following are the easy steps to restore a backup:

  1. When you turn on your new Windows phone and it asks for your Microsoft account AKA Live/Hotmail Account, Sign in with the same account you used in your previous smartphone. it is the same one you used for your Onedrive.
  2. When you are asked If you want to restore, select the backup you want to use and then move forward by clicking Next.
  3. Then you might be asked for a security code that will come to your Email ID, Enter that and click next
  4. It will take some time to restore depending upon your internet speed and amount of data on that Backup file.
  5. hen you will be asked for your restore accounts passwords, Either Enter them now or skip that step to enter them later.
  6. Tap Done.
  7. That’s it, Now you will have your new Windows phone with the same apps, Settings, Pictures, and Videos as your Old Windows phone.
  8. If you still have any problem regarding backup and restore of windows phone ask me in the comments.

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