5 Useful Best Opera Extensions 2019


Top 5 Best Opera Extensions 2019, if you have recently done opera Browser, or used to already. Today, we are sharing with you the Best 5 Extension that is very important for you, in the opera browser; there are many features available about which we will talk about it in another post. But today we will tell about its Extensions. With which you can enlarge the actual feature of this Web Browser.

Best 5 Great Extension for opera Mini | opera browser 2019 best extension

There are many to choose from, some in Opera’s Extension Store will be more useful for you than others. But what is the most useful Top 5 Add to our extension, this extension is absolutely free, detailed information is provided about each one below.

Before I go into the list, although no Ad-blocker is included in this list for a simple reason because opera already has In Build

5 Best Opera Extensions 2019

Top 5 Best Opera Extensions 2019

  1. Translator: This Extension is very important because sometimes we have a language-related problem. This extension is made through a sailorman company. Sailormax makes extensions for many more Browsers. It has many features in Translator Extension. With the help of which you can translate text and web pages separately, its design is simple so that everyone can use it.

  2. QR Codematic: QR Codematic allows you to easily visit any site or even for selected text by generating a QR Code. You can then scan the QR code with your mobile phone and load the encoded web address or text into it. But there is more! QR Codematic also includes a QR code scanner: place any QR code in front of your computer’s camera, and your web browser does the rest.

  3. Todoist sidebar (Unofficial): This extension is different if you use your browser a lot, then this extension can become very important for you, it will help you open a new sidebar in Browser. You can add all your tasks on it, but you can also add notes on it. And you can also bookmark the website; there are many features in the Todoist sidebar (Unofficial) which will be very useful when using Browser.

  4. TweetRight +: Frequent tweeters will like this, a simple way to share web pages on Twitter. Either from the icon in the toolbar or right-click menu, you can easily share any web page with your Twitter followers.

  5. Note mark: NotMark is a great little tool that is very important to Bookmark. Maybe you want to read something later or you are doing some research online. Whatever the reason, you can bookmark your open tabs using Not Mark in a simple way

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