What Is Computer and about its Generation?


What Is a Computer? A Computer Is An Electronic Device That Is Designed To Work With Information. Calculate Amount And Control Other Machines That Can Store Find And Arrange Information. Morden Computers Have the Ability To Follow Generalized Sets And Operation. Called Programs. These Programs Computers To Perform An Extremely Wide Range And Task.

Generation Of Computer

What Is a Computer
What Is a Computer and about its Generation

First Generation:– Vacuum Tubes (1940 – 1956) The First Computer System Used Vacuum Tubes For Circuitry Ams Magnetic Drums For Memory And Were Often Enormous Taking Up Entire Room.

Second Generation:– Transistor (1956-1963) The World Would See Transistors Replace Vacuum Tubes In The Second Generation Of Computer.

Second Generation Computer Moved From Cryptic Binary Machine Language To Symbolic, Or Assembly, Language Which Allowed Programmers To Specify Instructions In Word.

Examples Of The Second Generation Computer Include IBM 1620, IBM 7094, CDC 1604, Cdc 3600 Univac 1108 As A Result, They Worked On Ac And Therefore Were Faster Than Their Predecessor.

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Third Generation:- (1964-1971) Integrated Circuits

Computer Developed During The Period Of (1965-1971), The Third Generation Of Computers. These Computers Different Compare First And The Second Generation.

The Development Of The Integrated Circuit Was The Hallmark Of The Third Generation Of Computers. Transistor Was Miniaturized And Placed On Silicon Chips, Called Semiconductor Which Drastically Increased The Speed And Efficiency Of The Computer.

Fourth Generation:– (1971 – Present)
Microprocessor The Microprocessor Brought The Fourth Generation Of Computers, As Thousands Of Integrated Circuits Were Built Onto A Single Silicon Chip.

In 1981 IBM Introduced Its First Computer For The Home User, And In 1984 Apple Introduced The Macintosh Microprocessors Also Moved Out Of The Realm Of Desktop Computers And Into Many Areas Of Life As More And More Everyday Products Began To Use Microprocessor.

As These Small. Computers Became More Powerful, They Could Be Linked Together From Networks, Which Eventually Led To The Development Of The Internet.

Computers Of Fourth Generation Used Very Large Scale Integrated (Vlsi) Circuits Vlsi Circuits Having About 5000 Transistor And Circuits Elements With Their Associated Circuits On A Single-Chip Mace It Possible To Have Microcomputer Of Fourth Generation.

Fifth Generation:- Artificial Intelligence (2010-present)

The Fifth Generation Of The Computer Is Based On Artificial Intelligence And Still In Development. There Are Many Applications Which Are Used In This Generation Like Voice Recognition Which Is Being Used Today The Use Of The Superconductors And Parallel Processing Helps To Make The Al A Reality. The Goal Or Target Of Target Of The Generation Is To Develop The Device That Respond To The Natural Language.