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What is Computer Network Computer Network Information! All of you must have used a computer. But have you ever thought that such computers are connected to the network? Or what is Computer Network? What are the types of Computer Network?

If you are troubled by all these questions just like others, then you do not need to worry because in this article (What is Computer Network) we are going to know about it. At the same time, if you want to know about the Network, then you can read what is Network in Hindi. Together you will know how this computer network is, and what their different types are.

It may seem a bit complex in listening, but actually the computer networks are not as complex. Most of the people are not aware of the computer network and its type in the right way, due to which they have difficulty in understanding it. So I thought why not give some information about Networking to you so that you too can get to know about it. So let’s start without delay.

Computer Network Information

What is a Computer Network?

A Computer Network is called a group or group of computers that are linked with each other; these are some such links that help them to communicate with each other so that they can interconnect with each other. Share your resources, data, and application.

This computer networking is a practice in which two or more computing devices are interfaced with each other for the sharing of data from the main point. At the same time, these computer networks are made with a combination of hardware and software.


Definition of Computer Network

Computer Network Information: It is very easy to understand the definition of a computer network; it is also often referred to on the basis of a data network. For example, to share data with each other in a data network, they have to be interconnected with each other. In the same way, computing devices are connected with each other in the computer network so that they can do the transmission and reception of data.

Network devices use many types of protocols and algorithms to perform this type of communication, to specify how endpoints transmit and receive their data.


Types of Computer Network

Computer networks are categorized according to their size or shape. A computer network is mainly divided into four types:

  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • PAN (Personal Area Network)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)


Type of computer network

  • Now let’s know about the type of computer network.
  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • Local Area Network is a group of computers which are connected with each other in a small area like a building, office, etc.
  • Most of the LANs are used to connect two or more personal computers simultaneously with the help of a communication medium such as twisted pair, coaxial cable.
  • They are not very valuable because it uses less costly hardware such as hubs, network adapters, and Ethernet cables.
  • In the Local Area Network, data transfer is much faster than the rest.
  • Local Area Network gives you more security.


Personal Area Network

In the Personal Area Network, its network is arranged around an individual person, whose typical range is around 10 meters.

As the name suggests, the Personal Area Network is used for personal work.

It was Thomas Zimmerman who, through his research, first brought the idea of ​​Personal Area Network to the world.

Personal Area Network has a range of about 30 feet area.

Personal computer devices that are used to develop personal area networks are laptops, mobile phones, media players and play stations.


Types of Personal Area Network:

There are mainly two types of PAN or Personal Area Network.

  • Wired Personal Area Network
  • Wireless Personal Area Network


Wireless Personal Area Network

Computer Network Information: Wireless Personal Area Network is developed simply by using wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. At the same time, it has a very low range network.


Wired Personal Area Network:

USB is used to create a Wired Personal Area Network.

Let us now consider some examples of Personal Area Network:

Body Area Network: Body Area Network is a network that moves along with a human. For example, a mobile network that is always with you and goes where you go. Suppose a person establishes a network connection and then creates a connection with another device to share information.

Offline Network: An offline network can be easily created within a house perhaps that is why it is also called home network. A home network is designed to integrate other devices such as printers, computers, television, etc. but they are not all connected with the internet.

Small Home Office: It is used to connect many types of devices with the internet and then using a VPN with a corporate network.

Metropolitan Area Network

  • A metropolitan area network is a network that covers a very large geographic area and for that, it interconnects different types of LANs to form a larger network.
  • Government agencies mostly use MAN to connect with citizens and private industries.
  • In MAN, many LANs are connected together with each other through a telephone exchange line.
  • The most commonly used protocols in MAN are RS-232, Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, OC-3, ADSL, etc.
  • Their range is more than that of Local Area Network (LAN).


What are the uses of the Metropolitan Area Network?

MAN is used to communicate in banks in a city.

They are also used in Airline Reservation.

They are also used in college within a city.

They are also used to communicate in the military.


Wide Area Network: Computer Network Information

Wide Area Network is a network that is spread over a very large geographical area such as a state or country.

As the name suggests, the Wide Area Network is much larger than the LAN.

While the Wide Area Network is not limited to a single location, it is spread over a very large geographical area through the telephone line, fiber optic cable, and satellite links.

You can consider the internet as the largest WAN in the whole world.

Most of this Wide Area Network is used in the fields of business, government, and education.


Wide Area Network: Computer Network Information

Mobile Broadband: the 4G network is being done all over the country.

Internet Connection: Telecom Company is used to provide internet services to customers, in which their homes are connected by fiber cable.

Private network: A bank provides a private network that connects all its 44 offices. To create this type of network, a telephone leased line is used that is provided by Telecom Company.


What are the Advantages of the Wide Area Network?

Let us now know about the advantages of WAN:

Geographical area: Wide Area Network provides a very large geographical area.

If your branch office is located in another city, then they can be connected to each other through WAN. The leased line is used to do this.

Centralized data: In the case of a WAN network, the data are mostly centralized. Therefore we do not have any need to buy emails, files or back up servers.

Get updated files: Software companies work in live server. So the programmers get the updated files within few seconds.

Exchange messages: In a WAN network, messages are transmitted very quickly. Therefore web applications such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Skype help you communicate with your friends.

Sharing of software and resources: In WAN network, we can easily share software and other resources like a hard drive, RAM

For Global business: We can easily do business globally.

High bandwidth: In this, we get more bandwidth. Therefore, the higher the bandwidth, the more productivity for your company


Disadvantages of Wide Area Network:

Let us now know about the disadvantages of Wide Area Network:

Security issue: More security issues are seen in WAN networks than in LAN and MAN networks.

It requires firewall and antivirus software: Since data is transferred to the internet, there is always a problem of changing them or getting hacked.

That’s why it is good that you use a good firewall and software.

High Setup Cost: The installation cost of a WAN Network is very high as it has more use of routers and switches.

Having troubleshooting problems: Since it covers a very large area, if there is a problem, then it is very difficult to fix it

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