Top REASONS | Why do you fail in your blogging career?


Today there are more than 970 million websites on the Internet, and more than half of these websites do not get more than 1000 visitors a month.

A survey found that 9 out of 10 blogs fail very quickly. One person out of 10 is struggling to run his blog so that his blog can survive in some way, that person can be someone just like you.

How is that person’s blog going to be your success? What are the factors that differentiate successful bloggers from fail bloggers?

Do blogs that are successful do such a thing? There is a simple answer to this. Never view blogging as gambling and get a quick rich scheme. Blogging is not a gamble, but it is such a serious work that needs hard-work, dedication, and passion to do it. In today’s article, I will tell you 3 things that if you did not do these things right then blogging you May face failure.

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 fail in your blogging career
fail in your blogging career

Why did that person’s blog succeed but not yours? There are many reasons for this, in which 3 important things have been shared with you in this post, you must read Why 99% of Blogs fail in your blogging career in 2019,

1. Focus more on Content.

When you start working as a new blogger and are new in the blogging industry, then your audience is not much, so writing a lot of articles is not a good idea.

You will not benefit from this nor will anyone come to your blog.

New bloggers initially create content and publish, which is not read by anyone.

In the beginning, you should focus on the promotion of your blog and not content creation. When your blog starts getting good visitors then you can create content continuously. Bloggers should initially pay more attention to the SEO and promotion of their blog.

2. Promotion Strategy of Content is not good.

I have made this mistake myself when I created a blog called callout in 2017, I wrote a lot of articles on my blog but did not promote the blog at all.

And when visitors did not come to my blog, I had to close the blog. In this way, I know a blogger who published about 30-40 posts on his blog, but visitors were zero on his blog.

When I asked her whether you were promoting the blog or your content, she said yes. When I asked him about promotional strategies, he was stunned to hear what he told. He gave his answer in this way.

so that if no one sees it in the first place, then they can see it in the distance bar.” That’s all he said and I listened to him was surprised. This strategy was very surprising, which is not going to be of any benefit. When you start blogging, you have an audience,

So with whom are you sharing your posts? Don’t you have this question in your mind? Whenever you start blogging, first of all, you should work to build your audience.

You cannot create the audience by creating content and publishing it on social media. And you cannot do blogging like a business. In the beginning, you have to promote your posts smartly because of this you will get a lot of help.

3. Your Blog is nothing different from others.

I already apologize to you for saying this but I have to say so. fail in your blogging career
No one will promote your blog until your blog is different from others or different from others. For anyone to read, share or give any kind of opinion on the content of your blog, there should be some different content on your blog. Therefore, it has to be different from others.

If you just want to show that I also have a blog of my own, sorry that no one will want to share your blog or blog post.

Think yourself that if you went to such a blog where you thought your time was wasted, then why are you making such a blog yourself. Unless you think that my blog is different from other 180 million blogs on the internet, you cannot do it.

Blogging is not rocket science, the biggest secret to being unique in this industry is that you But blog writes, you have to be specific about it. The best way to increase quality visitors to your blog is to impress other bloggers to send your audience to you.