What is Google Safe Search, how to block bad websites


How to block bad websites: Do you know that Google Safe Search Feature is done and how to use it? Today we will talk about how it is useful for small children. In today’s world of technology, it is difficult to keep children away from the Internet, especially to keep young children away is a lot of trouble for parents, in many cases, children know more about their technology than the parents. And this is also the reason for the huge problem.

Whenever it comes to the Internet, the name of Google comes to our mind first because it is the biggest search engine, many people use it daily and there is the number of children in it, so we will join you with Google Tell us about Google Safe Search. So that you can use this to keep your children safe on the Internet

Nowadays even small children are connecting to the Internet so that they can watch online studies and videos. But at the same time, there are some materials on the Internet that are not right for the children and which have a wrong effect on the children, by noting this in mind. Google has created Google Safe Search Feature; it is very easy to use.

 how to block bad websites

What is Google Safe Search, how to block bad websites

You will find various features in the Google Search Engine. Which you can set according to your own so that you get that kind of search result. But we will tell you how to make Google search safely for children.

So first of all, let us tell you that Google Safe Search is not any other search engine, it is only part of Google search, this feature is very good because in this you can filter Violent and Adult Content.

You can block this pornography, it is not 100% correct but still, it will help you a lot. Violent will help a lot in blocking adult content. With its help, you can block adult videos, images, we will tell you step by step so that you too can use it. And make your children safe on the Internet.

  1. Open Google Homepages. After that, you will get the option of setting on the right side below. Click there.
  1. When you click on the setting. Then you will get many options. In it, you will also have the option of a search setting. Click there.
  1. When you open Search Setting. Then the first option will be the Safe Search Filter. Tick ​​on it and click on setting save. You can use it later.

Conclusion: You may be thinking that whether or not you should use Google Safe Search Feature, it is entirely up to you if you want to block Violent and Adult Content in Search Result, then you can use it and whenever you want this Can turn on / off.

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