How to save Smartphone battery life from damage


How to save smartphone battery life from damage: Smartphone battery heating and damage is a very common problem, it has been told that the best way to avoid mobile battery charging and heating problem is the battery change of Smartphone from last few years but technology is included but which is in android phone The way the batteries are installed has changed, nowadays almost all smartphones have no battery replacement batteries, which a common man cannot get out of the battery mobile, for this one has to go to the mobile service center.

Friends, in this post I am going to share the way to increase the mobile battery long battery life, most of the battery in android phone only goes bad in 2 to 3 years, the same mobile processor RAM memory camera motherboard phone screen display does not deteriorate. But what is the reason that the battery would soon be damaged,

Your mobile battery low becomes very fast, the mobile battery swells, due to which the mobile blast or heating is all this, we will know in this post! Smartphone battery hitting problem solved tips and tricks, I want to increase the life of Smartphone, then read this post thoroughly and follow, these 5

How to save smartphone battery life from damage

Do not make mistakes on your phone,

Smartphone Battery Life Care Tips & Tricks – Mobile Battery Long Life Tips

1 Remove Mobile Cover

Remove Mobile Cover: The biggest mistake that you make whenever you use mobile charging is not removing the mobile cover, which makes the mobile very hot, never let you have 0% percent battery in the mobile, like this 10% to 20%. If you put it in the charger and remove it when it is 100%, you can put your mobile in the charge whenever you are free, you do not think that you have charged 100%, now in the evening you will charge 0% since Loads a lot on mobile keys and mobile phone battery damage which would have ended the lifetime of the battery,

2 Mobile Chargers

Mobile Chargers: It often happens that sometimes what we do is that we charge our mobile with any charger, it has a very big effect on the mobile battery if Samsung mobile than any other company Put the charger in the mobile charge, but sometimes it happens that there is no charger or if you go somewhere in relation, then the charger is found, then what should we do to see the charger output voltage You should not and your phone Charger Output Volt should see how much it is giving, after that you can charge your phone with any charger,

3 After 10 Days keep 0% Charge

After 10 Days keep 0% Charge: After 10 to 20 days, but the mobile back in charge by 0%, and do 100%, what happens with this can do Battery Cell Original Power Regret and one thing which is the battery recharge cycle

There are up to 1000, this means that once charged and discharged once, it is 365 days in a year and if you calculate its average, then the battery will last for about 3 years and after that a little bit which is The problem starts with the battery which is running low The Minister seems to be quickly down,

4 Do not charge mobile with the PC & laptop from USB

Do not charge mobile with the PC & laptop from USB: The biggest mistake in today’s time is that we charge our mobile by connecting the laptop or computer with a data cable, it has a bad effect on the mobile and battery and mobile The battery is charged very slowly, the output voltage in the mobile is not available and thus the battery is prone to malfunction.

5 Keep mobile data charging time off

How to save Smartphone battery life from damage: Keep mobile data charging time off: We or you do this very often that when the mobile battery becomes low, put it on the Internet by charging, sometimes it happens that if the mobile is low then it will use Internet by charging the mobile so that mobile The heat problem starts and there is too much load on the battery due to which the battery gets spoiled very soon and the mobile is also prone to malfunction, using mobile while charging is still a danger of mobile phone battery blasting, that’s why mobile Keep data off while charging

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