Micro Niche Ideas 110 Highly Profitable Niche Sites Revealed


So you wanna start a blog, but you wanna start a blog that actually makes money? Well, you have definitely come to the right place because in today’s I’m going to tell you about the topmost micro-niche blog ideas.

Internet is full of money-making opportunities and blogging online is a very good way to earn money, which is also ethical.

Micro Niche Ideas
Micro Niche Ideas

Top 110 micro niche blog ideas list

  • Money
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food
  • Beauty and Fashion
  • Lifestyle
  • Personal Development
  • Spirituality
  • Jobs & Career
  • Technology Niches Blog
  • Blogging Tips Niches
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Business blogs
  • Finance blogs
  • Political blogs
  • Sports blogs
  • Journalism blogs
  • Language lesson blogs
  • DIY blogs
  • Psychology blogs
  • Entertainment blogs
  • Product review blogs
  • Service review blogs
  • Personal development blogs
  • Spiritual blogs
  • Sewing blogs
  • Frugal living blogs
  • Newborn blogs
  • Weight loss blogs
  • House cleaning blogs
  • Organizational blogs
  • Relationship help blogs
  • Mental health blogs
  • Couponing blogs
  • Charity blogs
  • Hiking blog
  • Christian blogs
  • Men’s fashion blogs
  • Gossip blogs
  • Soccer blogs
  • Football blogs
  • Baseball blogs
  • SEO blogs
  • Activism blogs
  • Clothing blogs
  • Gadget blogs
  • Restaurant review blogs
  • Baking blogs
  • Bodybuilding blogs
  • Professional development blogs
  • Self-improvement blogs
  • Theater blogs
  • Business tip blogs
  • Investment blogs
  • Domestic travel blogs
  • International travel blogs
  • Productivity blogs
  • Freelancing blogs
  • Writing blogs
  • Diet blogs
  • Mom blogs
  • Parenting blogs
  • Pet blogs
  • Food blogs
  • Health blogs
  • Fitness blogs
  • Travel blogs
  • Fashion blogs
  • Beauty blogs
  • Wedding blogs
  • Nutrition blogs
  • Healthy eating blogs
  • Music lesson blogs
  • Camping blog
  • Adventure travel blogs
  • Painting blogs
  • Environmental blogs
  • Minimalism blogs
  • Editorial blogs
  • Real estate blogs
  • Home blogs
  • Interior design blogs
  • Organizing blogs
  • Architecture blogs
  • Gardening blogs
  • Book blogs
  • Art blogs
  • Photography blogs
  • Music blogs
  • Film blogs
  • TV show blogs
  • Gaming blogs
  • Education blogs
  • Quiz blogs
  • Car blogs
  • Legal blogs
  • Yoga blogs
  • Women’s fitness blogs
  • Men’s fitness blogs
  • Dietary supplement blogs
  • Cooking blogs
  • Vegan blogs
  • Keto Blogs
  • Makeup tutorial blogs
  • Women’s fashion blogs
  • Jewelry blogs
  • Living abroad blogs
  • Outdoor blogs
  • Survival blogs
  • Homesteading blogs
  • Christian blogs

So you could actually start that blog and make real money with it. And make sure you stay tuned because I am going to tell you about a free eBook download that will get you on the fast track to making money with your blog.

I am here to help you make money with your blog and if that sounds good to you then go ahead and I help my clients start blogs that actually make money.

So today I’m going to share with you the topmost profitable micro-niche blog ideas, so you can keep that in mind when you are trying to decide what you should blog about.

There are a lot of reasons that some blog niches are more popular than others. But the number one driver behind a profitable blog is the products that get sold because of that blog. And that can be ads, it can be sponsorship, it can be the blogger’s own products.

So there are certain niches that command much higher ad revenue and a much higher product revenue.

So those are the ones we’re gonna focus on today.

Personal finance

The first one is personal finance. Now when you think about personal finance there are a number of big, large institutions that deal with that and they are trying to reach the consumer.

So if you are a blogger and you are writing about personal finance then those institutions will spend more money to get in front of your viewers.

So personal finance is definitely one of those I would put credit cards in that same category and they pay a lot of money to get in front of your readers. So if you’re at all interested in personal finance then I would consider that as one of your top choices for blogging.

One of the greatest examples that I know is Jeff Rose, he’s got a YouTube channel, he’s got a blog, and he does very well. His blog and his YouTube channel are enormously helpful, very informative, and advertisers flock to his site

And pay big money to be on his site. All right, next up is marketing. If you know anything about marketing, particularly online marketing, and even more particularly, social media marketing, then that is where you wanna focus.

People will pay big bucks to advertise on marketing sites. One of the best examples is Neil Patel. He just knocks it out of the park with all of his different types of marketing information and tips and he has a massive following. And, the advertisers, again, they will pay big money to get in front of his audience.

So if you know anything about marketing or social media marketing, in particular, I would say, start yesterday and get going on that blog. Now I love to hear what you guys are blogging about and it doesn’t have to be in one of these top, most profitable micro-niche blog ideas.

It can be anything, but go ahead and put your blog, put a link to it, or at least put an about it in the comments below. We bloggers love to see what other people are blogging about.

Micro-niche blog ideas

All right, the next blog topic that is super profitable is a gossip blog.

Gossip blog

Now I don’t know a whole lot about that niche but I do know it is huge, and there is a ton of money.

You go in and you talk about celebrities and gossip, it’s super competitive so you have to be bang on and get it right, in order to make it profitable.

But man if you hit that mark, you will make a lot of money because apparently we really do love to read about gossip.

So, if you’re into gossip, if you’re into celebrities, definitely look into starting a gossip blog.

All right the next one moves a little bit back into the finance category.

Finance category

And that is how to make money online. And the best person I can think of that does this so well is Pat Flynn, I have been following him for years. Now Pat Flynn’s original website was helping people pass this exam and he created his own product.

And it did so well; he was making so much money on it that he decided to talk to other people about how to make money online. And that is when his blog just blew up.

He used to put his income reports on; they go so ridiculously high that I think he finally took ’em off. But he eventually turned toward podcasting; he’s also got a YouTube channel. But it all started with his blog and it is all about how to make money online.

There are a lot of blogs out there on it, but, it is extremely profitable because usually what goes along with that is a course that you are either promoting for someone else or your own course and those can bring in a lot of money.

How to make money writing a blog

And finally, and this one really is closely related to the one I just talked about with Pay Flynn, is, write a blog about how to make money writing a blog. And that sounds kinda silly but it’s really true, there are people that make enormous money doing this.

I follow a blog called, it’s A Lovely Life. I highly recommend that if you are starting a blog, you check out their blog because they have nailed it, they know exactly what they’re doing. And they originally started off as a travel blog but then quickly realized that wow, the money’s actually coming in from helping people make money with their blog.

So if you already know how to blog, then start a blog about making money with your blog. Those bring in a ton of money. I believe that its A Lovely Life puts up their income reports and it’ll kind of blow your mind how much money they’re making.

So, if you’re looking for a profitable blog micro-niche blog ideas that are definitely one that should be on your list. All right, now that you know profitable blog niches, I’m gonna tell you what I was talking about at the beginning and that is this free resource I have for you.

It is an eBook and it will get you on the fast track to making money with your blog. It is all about making money with your blog. It talks about getting sponsored posts and freelancing and all kinds of things.

It is also the way I started making money with the blog. And if you’re ready to start making money with your blog, put down in the comments below, I’m ready, put it out there for everybody to see and let’s get you on that path to making money with your blog.